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We invite you to read the article prepared by ABA ONLINE experts about the collection and storage of broccoli which can also be found at the following link:

Broccoli is harvested when:

The “flowers” are still small and tight between them. The “heads” should be such that each flower in the group has not started to show yellow petals. In some cultivars, by removing the top heads, the ansore heads develop quickly, enabling the harvest to continue for several weeks. The “head” is harvested by cutting them together with some leaves. “Heads”, it is necessary to avoid sun exposure both before and after harvest. After harvesting, the “heads” are placed in crates and stored in environments with a temperature of 0 ° -1 ° C and relative humidity of 95%, equipped with a good ventilation system, to remove carbon dioxide.

Careful !

Broccoli heads produce a high amount of ethylene accelerating the process of aging and decay and therefore the storage period of broccoli heads is very short. If the “heads” are placed in layers and with enough space between them, an active air circulation system is used, to avoid raising the temperature in the container, broccoli can be stored without spoiling for 10-14 days at a temperature of 0 ° -1 ° C and 95% humidity.

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