Albania creates for the first time Topographic Topographic Map, Japan supports the creation of the first topographic digital mapping in Albania

Create Original Topographic Map for Urban Development in Albania

The Japanese Government is supporting Albania in the first creation of topographic digital mapping of contemporary standards that support sustainable and long-term development of the country’s socio-economic sectors. Since 2017, the Albanian government, in cooperation with the Japanese government, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), supports the State Information Authority (ASIG) to implement the “Geospatial Information Project and Sustainable Land Development in the Area Tirana-Durres “. The project aims to improve ASIG staff capacity and produce topographic digital mapping (1: 2000) in Tirana and Durres areas based on the knowledge and technologies transferred from this project.

As part of the human capacity building activity, JICA and ASIG organized a training session for Tirana University students at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Tirana. Using the equipment of the software procured by the Project as well as the knowledge gained through training, ASIG staff and Japanese experts taught students how to produce topographic digital maps. This activity enabled students to use advanced data capture technologies, how to utilize geospatial information and techniques for compiling digital topographic maps. Attending the event were the Ambassador of Japan to our country, Makoto Ito, the resident representative of JICA Balkan Office, Hideya Kobayashi, and ASIG General Director, Lorenc Çala, who praised this process with a direct impact on the country’s development .

Japan’s Ambassador to our country, Makoto Ito, said that “a lot of work has also been done, field verifications have already been completed, the first air photographs of Tirana and Durres have been produced, and a sample of digital topographic maps has been created.” “Additionally, 10 ASIG staff members have been training in Japan over the past two years in efforts to increase the capacity of this institution and to meet the needs of the Albanian population living in Tirana and Durres. Through this step of sharing our knowledge and experience with the students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Tirana, we hope to offer these prospective professionals an opportunity to better understand these devices and this technology, which in the future they will be able to independently prepare topographic digital maps, “he stressed.

While the resident representative of JICA’s Balkan Office, Hideya Kobayashi, said that “with the help and strong commitment of cooperation from ASIG’s excellent staff and the Government of Albania, so far, JICA and ASIG have successfully implemented the project for creation of digital topographic maps. Since its inception in February 2017, this project has focused on: the production of Digital Topographic Maps for interested parties; improving ASIG’s capacity through on-the-job training by Japanese experts to transfer knowledge and technology of map production; training in Japan for ASIG specialists in the production of digital maps; advising and providing the necessary support for the widespread and effective use of topographic digital maps for purposes such as urban planning, infrastructure development and maintenance, etc. “.

As you may know, Japan has a long and friendly relationship with Albania, and has supported the Albanian government and people for more than 20 years, for further development of the country and the creation of more healthy and prosperous communities, he said. it. At the end of this activity, the Resident Representative of the Balkan Office of JICA, Kobayashi, symbolically handed over the ASIG General Director, Lorenc Çala, equipment and software, donated to ASIG, within this project.

Through this project, JICA is supporting ASIG in enhancing technical and human capacity, and transferring relevant knowledge about digital topographic mapping. Director General of ASIG, Lorenc Çala historically praised the creation of digital maps that constitute a revolution in the service of multidimensional development of the country.

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