Food Safety, Rrapaj: The facts should be separated from the opinions, road travelers can not replace the experts

Some recent news has been published that has led to the opening of a public debate on food security for domestic products. Are there news to be taken as being offered or getting smarter and seeing what’s really happening. For this topic, to clarify the consumers who are concerned about the safety of food they consume, said the chairman of the Agribusiness Council of Albania, Agim Rrapaj. He stressed that the MTEF will strike and strike any case of abuse that has been presented with concrete facts but drew attention to the factual sharing of opinions. We can not take the opinions of everyone who speaks, but always rely on concrete facts and expert interpretations. Based on the analysis carried out by the Veterinari Institute recently, there has been no case with pesticides over allowed norms, such opinions only affect domestic production. The MTEF chairman emphasized the importance of hacking informality as a way to avoid any abusive case.

We are in front of a public debate that occurs almost always in this period, to damage or to attract attention, it remains to be seen. What do you think?

For food security, we really need to worry, because it is about health, in the future, it has to do with what we are aiming for, which is to feed well. Domestic production in Albania has a significant share in the nutrition of the population, I would like to mention the fact that 1.2 million inhabitants live in rural areas and mainly rely on their products, but at the same time a good part of the local market in urban areas is fed with these products . There are about 350 thousand families that produce for self-consumption, for the consulent in urban areas and all of these together that reach 2.8 million people are mainly fed with local produce. The moment we cast doubt on the quality of domestic products is the most important moment that we should pay attention to. I’m pro the media or anyone who finds a fact, makes it public, has our undisputed support. We as KASH, as farmers, as producers or agroprocessors are very interested to hit anyone who casts a drop of paint now that domestic production has just started, but we can not accept opinions from roadside opinionists. A roadster can not determine whether or not our products are left over. This is determined only by the laboratory. I would be very worried if professor Kristaq Sinaj, professor Sherif Lushaj or Vjollca Ibro would talk about food safety, so they would talk to experts in agriculture, food and microbiology who know this sector. It would be nice if the plant protection agronomists were talking, and if there were facts, it would be an alarm bell for us. But, when there are road reviews that really come back to fairy tales, these opinions only damage domestic production. We must be very careful. Food safety is an element that we should pay attention to every day, it should be noted by the manufacturer, the packaging company, the exporter, but also the one who sells it. In the present case there is no evidence to create such an opinion on domestic production that has just begun. I can not believe anyone who has an opinion and says that at dinner I did stimulate and the morning flies 20 tons of watermelons or that says the best tomatoes come from Italy. These are people who speak without having the right information or qualification. We are very worried and we wanted to carry out the analysis. There have been 47 analyzes by the Veterinaria Institute which is a certified laboratory and none has come up with residues above allowed norms. So there is no single case that we worry. We can not load farmers with elements they do not have. Who can believe that 1.2 million farmers do not avail themselves of their produce and that these people, with their desire, want to harm their children or that we have in our hands people who do such actions. This does not draw attention to being striking against any phenomenon, but let’s ask why we are dealing with opinions rather than facts. We can not stand in the face of unfounded and untrue opinions in the concrete case. There is absolutely no and it is not necessary to use those stimulants mentioned in different shows in this situation. We know very well that there is a trade conflict, importers may like these opinions but this is not fair. These options do not positively impact domestic production when it has just started to emerge.

Are domestic products always so pure or should we also accept cases of the introduction of these stimulants?

At the moment we have a fact, we are relentless to this fact, but we have to share the fact from the public. Are opinions based on the grounds that serve the importers, that serve dishonest competition or harm domestic production? In this case yes. Opinions do not help anyone but the unrighteous. These opinions are widespread at the moment that domestic products will replace imports, and Albania is already in production with others in the evening, because of weather and not stimulants. It’s good for this country that we get into production a month before, but it worries the others. We have no barriers to importing fruit, but we can not accept an artificial barrier created by the opinions. This is also dangerous for those who attack us, even for those who have a very special element, such as domestic production that can not really handle this unjust attack.

To protect the domestic customer but also the manufacturer what should we consider in this period? Starting from debates on VAT reimbursement, the lack of subsidies, disbursement of IPARD funds that have not yet started, can we say that we are damaging domestic production?

Domestic production is vital to our country, it is vital for the family, for the livelihood and of course it is sacred. Being such does not mean that it is not affected by other elements to hurt its quality. I have never said that there is no smuggling and I will not say. I urged all those in the field to denounce phenomena of this nature, I have supported all of them to make public, but the other element is that the responsible bodies, such as the AKU, should be encouraged to add controls and give them answers to the elements that create these opinions. There are elements that are abusive, but they are informal and we have to fight informality. The opinion is created by the media, but also by street-opinionists. For me, it is time to set the phenomenon that is not based on facts.

Does the prosecution have to move the case in this case to reveal the truth or will it let it pass on media discussions anyway?

If there is concrete evidence moves the prosecution, without facts, I do not believe it. This is about road reviews, collected everywhere, and I do not believe it is so disturbing to move to a legal problem. This is worrying when we have concrete facts. The prosecution would hasten whether the media would present a concrete fact or a specific name. I can not move the prosecution for road reviews. This is funny. If we have facts, it must be that the prosecution should intervene.

The thing I want to draw attention is that we have to be very careful about the quarantine, when we do spraying. We do not have the necessary quarantine. I urge all producers to be careful in this regard. I want to mention a fact that is very important. A few days ago we made a conference with Global G.A.P which is the largest organization in the world for certification and a big company had called and said that we want to get products from Albania but want your presence there. The vice president of Global G.A.P has come to Albania. We have started a process and with the support of Risi Albanias we will soon start implementing those criteria that Global G.A.P., so we are not falling in terms of quality but we are towards stabilizing the situation.

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