A seminar on agriculture and European legislation on bio products is being held

At the Agricultural Technology Transfer Center, a seminar focusing on organic farming and European legislation on bio products, access to agroprocessors and agroprocessors in finance, has been developed, among the support schemes of AZHBR and the IPARD program. The seminar was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Center for Transfer of Agricultural Technologies, the Local Economic Development Agency and the Institute for Social and Economic Development and Production, in the framework of projects funded by European Union funds.
Present were producers and agroprocessors, farmers from the region of Vlora, advisory and agribusiness specialists, scientific researcher in the field of agricultural products, chairman of the Albanian Agribusiness Council, Agim Rrapaj, and co-ordinator of the agro-processing or agro-processing sector of the Risi Albania program, Gramoz Osmani. Funding schemes are the financial instrument that gives farmers the opportunity to increase the quality of the product.

The MTEF Chairman stated that it is very important for farmers to be informed of the costs and advantages they have from group certification. According to him, focusing on a model would be beneficial to all, as recent experiences have been unfavorable leading to instability.

The Director of the Agricultural Technological Transfer Center, Aulona Veizi, said:”We are here for certification, starting from the plant, to the chain of biological production in total and to the consumer. The second phase of this seminar is with the AULEDËN for subsidy schemes. This is the most important moment and we are in cooperation with every institution in support of farmers, for completing the documents that in our opinion as a specialist are simple. ” These schemes and services they offer to agroprocessors, agroprocessors and their benefit were presented by AULEDA. Legal counseling, business idea identification and development, application preparation, strategy and marketing are some of the services that AULEDA offers, thanks to the support it has received from the Helvetas program, Risi Albania.

AULEDAS’s secretary, Mirela Koçi, in connection with this seminar said:”This meeting is the synergy of some projects being implemented where the focus is on farmers, the agro-industry sector. AULEDA is recently providing services for IPARD applications, national schemes. We are helping farmers within the services offered by the Risi Albania program, at the same time we are implementing the project “FOKUS”, which is a project focusing on four elements, namely the production of milk, olive oil, wine and citrus fruits. These sectors will be beneficiaries of our services. Very soon, some of the businesses in this sector will have the opportunity to participate in an international network in Cyprus, giving them the opportunity to conclude cooperation contracts. All these are examples of how the public and private sector can become together, giving aid to the sector and making synergies between services. “
Farmers were invited to contact experts on the AZHBR support schemes, which are open, but also to be an active part of the “FOKUS” program. This program aims to establish on-line producers of olive oil, dairy, wine and citrus processing with homologous producers in EU countries, not only for cooperation but also to see examples of success models for bio products.

This meeting was positively evaluated by the Head of MTEF, Agim Rrapaj and Coordinator of the Agro-Industrial Sector and Agro-production of the Risi Albania program, Gramos Osmani, for the assistance aimed at increasing the capacities of farmers, the production of quality products and the profitability of funds

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