University Pact, 1m euros for the first didactic farm in Agriculture

The EUR 1 million fund for the construction of the first didactic farm at the Agricultural University of Tirana will activate a tremendous and untapped potential in the function of the rural economy and the development of agriculture in the country.

So today, Prime Minister Edi Rama from the premises of the Agricultural University of Tirana, who has benefited 1 million euros from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, for the first didactic farm.

The government-university partnership under the Pact’s commitments to the University, according to Rama, will radically transform the university’s relationship with society and the market.

“Today we are fulfilling the very old need to build a didactic farm. At its latest meeting, the Government, at the request of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, granted a EUR 1 million fund to the university to launch this multilayer enterprise and create its own company. which enables an optimal link between scientific work and market, “said Rama.

Underlining the importance that this government gives to the Agricultural University, Rama said that this is the 6th time that visits the premises of this university, while expressing the conviction that “in the past 25 years all my predecessors brought together did not come nor half my in 3 years “. The Prime Minister expressed the confidence that “here we have a tremendous untapped potential and we have the necessity to put this potential not only in the function of students but also of the rural economy and the development of agriculture in the country.

In the past, this university has been a center of excellence that also had international reputation for the top scientific level. Today is at the stage of a difficult rebirth, because it comes from a long traumatic period when the library was fired, not counting all the territories or assets that were conquered or robbed by making the process of revival of the university very costly “, said Rama. Costs, according to him, “have to do with the need to pay substantial funds to get rid of unjustly lost property in completely unfair, abusive legalization or compensation”. “It took almost three decades to begin the liberation of the University in a territorial view,” Rama said.

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