Albania, among the leading companies in the global fruit and vegetable market

With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Swiss government project Risi Albania and GIZ, 15 Albanian companies were part of the largest fair for fruit and vegetable trade, exposing the values ​​of Albanian products to provide new contracts. Among these companies was the company “Doni Fruits” the leader of exports of fruits and vegetables Made in Albania.

The fair served as a good opportunity for Albanian companies to meet the major export companies, to meet the demands and market needs of the quality of products. Albanian companies represented by companies that export fruits and vegetables such as chestnuts, apples, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, garlic, watermelons, etc., made about 200 meetings with potential buyers, with technology processing, packaging and storage of fruit and vegetables . Companies had the opportunity to become familiar with high-value markets such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. where one of the certifications required is often GlobalG.AP, a certification that has been created by large supermarket networks in Europe . Some of the representatives of large companies supplying supermarket networks expressed interest in visiting Albania soon.

Participation in the fair, preparation and potential of companies has come towards improvement. Soon, companies will meet together to discuss lessons learned, potential improvements that can be made at the next fair. “Albanian companies and farmers need to be certified and to increase product standards to be competitive in the market. Albanian exports are growing year after year in quantity and we have to work on long-term plans that will guide the development of Albanian agriculture by investing in quality and marketing to ensure increased profits for farmers, “said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dhimo Kote.

Over 3200 participants from 90 countries around the world, from manufacturers to merchants, presented at this fair the products, services and technological solutions that this sector offers today. In this regard, RisiAlbania is supporting Agribusiness to encourage group certification of their products. Through GLOBALG.A.P certification open very good opportunities for farmers to become part of the EU supply chain.

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